Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Camera!

I got a new camera over the summer and I LOVE IT! I got a Canon Rebel XSI and it takes great pictures! I still need to learn more and get the editing software I want, but its not a bad start at all! Here are a few of my favorite pics that I have taken recently. We dont have kids yet, so I take pictures of random things! haha I will post more pictures soon as I have tons at home!

First Blog

Hello! Welcome to our blog. I never thought I would have one of these, but it really is a lot easier to let your friends and family know what is going on since we don't get to talk to everyone as much as we would like!
Things are going well with us, Shawn is working at Unlimited Truck & Trailer in Warrenton and he loves it! It am still working at Coyne, Cundiff & Hillemann, P.C. in Lake Saint Louis and working on building my wedding business, True Events Wedding Planning. I am also working with a company called Ameriplan which is a benefit company helping people who cannot get insurance for whatever reason. So if you know anyone who does not have any insurance, or would like an additional supplemental program, let me know!!
Our favorite holiday is coming up, HALLOWEEN!! For us, that is the holiday season kickoff, I love the holidays, could do less of the cold, but it would be weird to have a warm Christmas! I plan on posting at least once a week, so if you want to subscribe to get notification on when I post, beware!!