Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving is fast approaching!

I have been looking at ads for next week and making my shopping list! Usually I have most everything done by the time black friday comes along so I am more or less shopping for Shawn and I!

Shawn had an interview this week with a factory in Wright City and they called him back for a background check but nothing more yet. Keep your fingers crossed that he will get this! If so, he will be working nights which will be a huge adjustment but nothing we cannot work around!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween, Lily's Birthday and Johnny coming home!

So Halloween was fun, not as much fun as last year :( Shawn was not feeling well and the amount of trick or treaters were not as high as usual. We had a little fire outside and hung out for awhile and then packed it up early to go inside and watch scary movies. Overall it was a nice relaxing halloween which is unusual for us!

Sunday November 1st was our neice's second birthday! We went over to Laura and Pauls to have dinner and cake and let her open presents. She is so cute and spoiled! This will be her holiday as an only child!

Monday November 2nd my brother Johnny came home!! I had to work so I had to wait wait wait all day to go see him after work. I have to admit I was so excited on my way out there I was jamming out in the car while singing and dancing! It is so nice that he is home now!

This next weekend we have my Grandma's halloween party and Lily's birthday party so I will post pictures then!