Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great weekend!

Today was the first warmer day of the year! It was great to get outside and enjoy family and the sun! Yes I said the sun!! :)

We went out to Grandma's today and visited with family and I snapped a few pics while we were there of the girls and the sunset.

Shawn and I are doing well, he is still working nights in Wright City and I am still working at the law firm. Last weekend we went bowling and I got my highest score ever of 220!! I was very shocked and dont really know how it happened, but I will take it!

Tomorrow is Johnny's birthday and Grandma's and Josh's birthday was this past weekend, so we will go back to Grandma's tomorrow for a birthday lunch before Aunt Kim and Uncle Rick go back home to IL.

I have been taking a lot of studio pictures for friends and family and really enjoying myself. I will post the website links when everything is ready. Hope my readers are doing well, that is if I have readers! :)

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